SigOps' (Signature Operations) military and paramilitary-trained commanders, operators and instructors create contextually-relevant training solutions for U.S. Government officials, U.S. military, security practitioners, corporate executives, and law enforcement personnel.

SigOps' curricula are client-specific, contemporary, and based on current threat analysis. Offerings are highly-experiential, ranging from intense skills practice to mission rehearsals with realistic operational scenarios. 

SigOps is a division of Signature Science, LLC.

Weapons and Tactics

Proper mindset training using
realistic scenarios and qualifications.


Fundamentals in basic and advanced
off-road and hard surface scenarios.

Custom Training Solutions

We precisely tailor our training
 to your learning objectives.

Exercise and Mission Rehearsal

Realistic exercises tailored to
client's operating environment.

Tactical Medicine

Meeting PHTLS and Tactical Combat Casualty Care standards.

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CBRNE Training

Scientific and technical expertise.
Current threat scenarios.


Human identity forensic
support operations.
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Training Venues

World-class training facilities
near Washington, D.C.