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Jason Blais - Senior Instructor/Analyst
Mr. Blais has over 23 years of Special Operations experience in countering weapons of mass destruction, unconventional warfare, radiological and nuclear search operations, interagency countering weapons of mass destruction policy. Mr. Blais leadership experience includes the ability to maximize resources, lead personnel, and build strong, highly effective teams. Mr. Blais takes an active role in training management, course delivery, training exercise development and evaluation. Including experience in operations, exercise design, training management, special operations, all at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. 

Jeff Prough - Director, Operations & Intelligence
Mr. Prough is a former U.S. Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel with over 23 years of experience serving in one of America’s most elite military organizations. As a result of his experiences, Mr. Prough is a result-driven leader, team builder, and innovative thinker trained and tested to decisively communicate time-sensitive decisions under stress. Mr. Prough has managed worldwide forensic intelligence training, planning, collection and exploitation operations targeting high priority state and terrorist Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) proliferation activities.

William M. Thompson - President & CEO
Since October 2014, Mr. Thompson has served as President and CEO of Signature Science (SigSci) and its Signature Operations (SigOps) business unit. Mr. Thompson joined SigSci in 2006, following a career spanning 22 years with the US Department of Defense (DoD). He currently leads all aspects of the SigSci and the SigOps organizations, overseeing their execution of contracts, their achievement of growth goals, and business maturation objectives. Mr. Thompson’s government service provided him with a keen understanding of the important role that training and logistical preparation has in ensuring the safety and security of the DoD’s warfighter and the support personnel. Through his experiences as a member of DoD’s Senior Executive Service (SES), Mr. Thompson brings SigOps an intense passion for high-quality training and preparation of deploying personnel and organizations.