Basic and Advanced

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The major elements of basic driving training include vehicle dynamics, backing, and attack recognition. Through lessons, demonstrations, and practical exercises, clients will learn and demonstrate the proper mindset while utilizing a vehicle in multiple scenarios from those faced every day, to driving in a hostile, high-threat environment. Clients will incorporate tactical driving into situational awareness models by recognizing and mitigating potential threats while operating a vehicle under varying conditions and scenarios. These threats will include potential accidents, ambushes, and barricades, as well as vehicle-specific challenges such as proper braking techniques and skid control.

Hard Surface

  • High speed maneuvering
  • Close proximity driving
  • Emergency driving maneuvers


  • Handling 4wd vehicles in low/no traction environments
  • Obstacle negotiations
  • Vehicle recovery

SigOps will establish an understanding of the client’s training objectives and driver’s training requirements to ensure that requisite and relevant advanced driving skills are attained.