Sensitive Site Exploitation

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SigOps Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) training programs are offered in conjunction with our scientific experts at Signature Science.  These trainings represent a marriage between our tactical operations experience and our technical scientific knowhow.  We have delivered SSE training to elite organizations across the government, including those in Law Enforcement, DoD and Special Operations. Through our training, our clients have been able to materially increase their technical and tactical sophistication and have made a substantial impact on US National Security.

The training courses cover the following topics:

  • SSE team roles, responsibilities, and actions on objective
  • Site sketching
  • Site photography
  • Vehicle SSE
  • Facility SSE
  • Known fingerprint collection
  • Latent fingerprint collection
  • Explosive and chemical sample collection  
  • DNA collection
  • Chain of custody documentation

The overall objective of our training is to prepare the client to have an organized and efficient approach to SSE, resulting maximized collection (both quantity and quality) and minimized time on target.