Exercise and Mission Rehearsal

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SigOps’ exercise and mission rehearsal affords clients the chance to demonstrate skills and knowledge under stress during realistic mission scenarios based on real world operations. Our team can develop and execute client-tailored exercise and mission rehearsals from concept through delivery.

A typical integrated mission rehearsal that SigOps develops and delivers may include:

  • Weapons instruction and proficiency
  • Battle drills
  • Military decision-making and troop leading procedures
  • TECHINT reporting
  • Explosives safety
  • Communications
  • Photo SSE
  • NVG driving
  • Reach back intelligence support procedures
  • Force integration
  • Military source operations
  • Interview and assessment
  • Working with host country partners
  • Conceal carry
  • NBC and decontamination
  • Model mission demonstrations
  • Mission rehearsal facilitation

SigOps’ works with each client to establish and customize a program of instruction and then develops an exercise script and courseware. We select and coordinate ranges and billeting and the staffing of instructors, role players, operators and logisticians. SigOps establishes observer-controller procedures and performance metrics. We can also establish and execute command and control, as necessary, to ensure the success of exercise and mission rehearsal involving members from multiple agencies and services.