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SigOps blends instructional methods from conventional and Special Operations forces. For more than 10 years, we have successfully trained and qualified students across the widest spectrum of capabilities. SigOps has also trained advanced weapons and tactics to elite or unique deploying units that routinely integrate with tiered forces.

SigOps respects the lethality of the weapons and the seriousness with which firearms handling and training must occur. All weapons instruction lesson plans include weapons and range safety briefings, weapon care and inspection, instruction and line protocols, team/role explanations and range commands.    


SigOps’ clients learn the fundamentals of marksmanship and weapons manipulation through a progressive methodology in which shooting drills increase in complexity.

Small Unit Tactics

SigOps' instruction on small unit tactics and close quarters combat is delivered by our cadre of subject matter experts from the Special Operations community.


SigOps’ combatives courses are developed with the Sayoc Tactical Group, whose seamless integration of empty hand, edge weapons, and firearms into a combatives system is effectively employed by Special Operation units throughout the military.

Aerial Gunnery

For federal or state government clients that have this highly specialized mission, SigOps trains on the effective employment of weapons from aerial platforms.

Threat Avoidance

SigOps offers an introduction to general security awareness and current operational attack methodologies, including preoperational activities conducted by terrorists and/or criminal elements.