Threat Avoidance

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Situational Awareness
SigOps offers an introduction to general security awareness and current operational attack methodologies, including preoperational activities conducted by terrorists and/or criminal elements directed against U.S. government individuals and/or facilities. Topics include:

  • multiplicity of threat—crime and terrorism 
  • adversarial motivation, surveillance tendencies, and observable behaviors
  • surveillance indicators
  • criminal behavior vs. terrorist behavior
  • recognizing threat/avoiding challenge
  • improving personal and team observation and reporting skills
  • how to behave, act, and dress to maintain a low profile
  • examination of personal habits, routines, and modes of dress and movement to increase difficulty for surveillance/attackers

Surveillance Detection
As client program needs dictate, SigOps can apply a range of instruction:

  • Surveillance detection during routine activities and travel
  • Vulnerability assessments for critical facilities and the formulation of effective facility detection plans
  • Surveillance in criminal/terrorist activities

Avoidance, Apprehension & Escape
SigOps instructs on how to recognize and assess abduction threats, understand emotions and attitudes. Clients will also learn and practice escape techniques. Topics include:

  • kidnapping methodologies and regional variations
  • threat recognition
  • initial assessment/response
  • state of mind

Tactical skills include:

  • escape TTPs
  • vehicle manipulation